Conference organisers

Any questions, comments or problems should be directed to your nearest conference organiser:

Suzi P. Jarvis,
JRCAT, 1-1-4 Higashi, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0045, Japan
Tel.: +81-298-54-2775, Fax.: +81-298-54-2786,

Reizo Kaneko,
Department of opt-mechatronics, Faculty of Systems Engineering,
Wakayama University, 930 Sakaedani, Wakayama-shi 640-8510 Japan
Tel./Fax.: +81-734-57-8140

John B. Pethica,
Department of Materials, University of Oxford, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PH, U.K.
Tel.: +44-1865-273772, Fax.: +44-1865-273786,

Nicholas D. Spencer,
Department of Materials, ETH-Zurich, NO H64, CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland.
Tel.:+41-1-632-5850, Fax.:+41-1-633-1027,

Mark E. Welland,
Dept. of Engineering, University of Cambridge, Trumpington St.,
Cambridge, CB2 1PZ, U.K.
Tel.:+44-1223-332676, Fax.: +44-1223-339263,



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