Theme and style of the conference


The conference aims to explore the interface between nanotribology as investigated by scanning probe techniques, conventional tribology and continuum mechanics.


Due to the contentious nature of the interpretation of probe-based methods from a tribological perspective, we aim to encourage lively debate and discourse in an informal atmosphere. To this end the conference is being organised on an invitation-only basis with a maximum of 70 attendees. This will ensure that plenary speakers can give a detailed presentation with the overall aim of encouraging discussion and argument!


Bearing in mind that the attendees will be chosen from both nano- and conventional tribological fields, it is important that each contribution is aimed to be informative and self-critical. Our ultimate ideal is that by the end of the meeting the existing divide will at least be well defined.


It is planned that everyone will make a presentation, either as a standard talk or as a poster with a short introductory talk. Submissions of a more speculative nature on the topic of future applications are highly encouraged.


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