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There are 5 sessions - one on each day of the conference. Typically there will be a trend-setting talk for about an hour on each day, followed by general talks on the session topic in the morning. For informal discussions and interactions, there will be a break for 3 hours following lunch and the specialised talks are scheduled for the evening. The posters will be open on all days of the conference during coffee/tea breaks. Some of the speakers for trend-setting and general talks are given below.


Session I - Fundamentals of Friction
8th November, Monday

Friction: Perspective & Status
Bo Persson
Institut für Festkörperforschung, Deutschland

Role of third bodies in low friction sliding contacts
Irwin Singer
Naval Research Laboratory, USA

Mechanism by which lubricant additives influence friction
Hugh Spikes
Imperial College of Science & Technology, UK


Dissipation Mechanisms in Nano Contact
John Pethica
University of Oxford, UK

Session II -Interfacial Physics and Chemistry of Friction
9th November, Tuesday
From Nanofluidics to Microfluidics
Steve Granick
University of Illinois, USA

V. Martin
Indian Oil Corporation Limited, India
Structured surfaces and their impact upon static and dynamic wetting
John Ralston
University of South Australia, Australia

In situ study of lubricating films under pressure and shear by vibrational spectroscopy
Colin Bain
University of Oxford, UK

Session III - Friction: Simulation & Theory
10th November, Wednesday

From atomic simulations to macroscopic models of contact mechanics and friction
Mark Robbins
The Johns Hopkins University, USA

Models for static and dry friction and possible mechanisms for lubrication
Jeffrey Sokoloff
Northeastern University, USA
Dynamics and relaxation of confined inhomogenous fluids
Ayappa Ganapathy
Indian Institute of Science, India

Understanding friction as a non equilibrium surface force
Manfred Heuberger
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland

Friction forces, Amonton's Law, and diffusion:
from the molecular to the macroscopic scale
Uzi Landman
Georgia Tech, USA

Session IV - Novel Experiments in Friction
11th November, Thursday